Transnational Partnership for Excellent Research and Education
Big Data and Emergency Management



The BDEM project has the following activities :

Development of curricula: To foster skills development through access to research involvement, demonstrate leading edge tools and present opportunities for students and researchers to conceptualize, design and implement solutions that advance the state of practice in the field. 

BDEM related new course proposal or revision of existing course proposal can be submitted to the BDEM Local contact (Prof. Andreas Opdahl) using the BDEM Course Proposal Form.

Implementation of curricula: The curricula will be put into practice to integrate experiential learning into the existing curriculum and provide students with hands-on, project- based experience to supplement the traditional classroom environment. It will afford universities and its internal stakeholders to forge meaningful, symbiotic partnerships with international partners. 

In autumn 2017, BDEM specific modules included in the INFO310  course at University of Bergen.  

A new course on "Big Data in Emergency Management" commenced in Autumn 2018.

Creative workshops: The BDEM project focuses on planning and organising research oriented creative workshops on big data and emergency management topics in Norway. 

First BDEM workshop took place in Bergen from 13-15 November 2017. 

Staff – students Mobility: The activity aims at research, supervision and teaching cooperation. 

Student and staff exchange is an important part of BDEM project. Visiting each other provides opportunities for professional development as well as intercultural learning experiences, benefiting students, staff and partners.

Application form for Student mobility 

Application form for Staff mobility

Networking with public and private sector:  Networking activity focuses at encompassing international research and educational cooperation, and cooperation with the business and public sectors within and outside Norway. 

Social good hackathons: Objective of this activity is to create “open to all” hackathons where teams of students, researchers, and other specialists convene to address a data-driven emergency challenge.

Research and popular publications: to motivate the development and continuation of a long-term, international consortium.