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Big Data and Emergency Management



Here you will find links related to the BDEM Project and within the area of interest.

Related Resources

Open Source Tools

Apache Hadoop is a project developing open-source software for reliable, scalable, distributed computing

Apache Flink is an open-source platform for distributed stream and batch data processing

Apache Spark is a general engine for large-scale data processing

Data Privacy

Enabling Big Data through Europe’s New Data Protection Regulation. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger & Yann Padova

Privacy in the Age of Big Data, The Stanford Law Review

Ethics and Big Data

Perspectives on Big Data, Ethics, and Society. May 23, 2016 / By  Jacob Metcalf, Emily F. Keller Danah Boyd

The Social, Cultural, & Ethical Dimensions of “Big Data”, March 17, 2014 – New York, NY

Council for Big Data, Ethics, and Society

Advanced AI Tools

TensorFlow  - an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs.
The Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit: A free, open-source, commercial-grade toolkit that trains deep learning algorithms to learn like the human brain.

Geographic Datasets

Global Map: A set of consistent GIS layers covering the whole globe at 1km resolution including: transportation, elevation, drainage, vegetation, administrative boundaries, land cover, land use and population centres. Produced by the International Steering Committee on Global Mapping.

Koordinates: GIS data aggregation site including data in a number of categories such as elevation, environment, climate etc. Some global datasets, some based on continents, some for specific countries. Registration required.

European Environment Agency: Maps and datasets from the European Environment Agency, covering a huge range of physical geography and environmental topics. Europe only.

Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring: Provides near real-time and retroactively-generated datasets of cloud cover, type and temperature, surface radiation budget and temperatures, among others.

Gridded climatic data for North America, South America and Europe: A huge range of climatic data at 1km and 4km resolution, derived from various models, including temperature, precipitation, snow and derived variables such as water deficit.

Natural Disaster Hazards: Hazard Frequency, Mortality and Economic Loss Risk as gridded data for the globe. Covers cyclones, drought, earthquakes, flood, landslide, volcano and a combination of them all.

Natural Disaster Hotspots: A wide range of geographic data on natural disasters (including volcanoes, earthquakes, landslide, flood and 'multihazards') with hazard frequency, economic loss etc.

Open Flights: Airport, airline and route data across the globe. Data is provided as CSV files which can be easily processed to produce GIS outputs. Data includes all known airports, and a large number of routes betwen airports.

Global Roads Open Access Data Set: A vector dataset of roads across the world, using a globally consistent data model, and suitable for mapping at the 1:250,000 level. Only roads between settlements are included, not residential streets, and the dataset is accurate to approximately 50m.

Earth Engine’s public data catalog includes a variety of standard Earth science raster datasets. 

Capitaine European Train Stations: Metadata for all train stations in Europe including latitude and longitude.

GAR15: UN dataset for Global Assessment of Risk, showing the amount of capital invested in infrastructure at a 5km resolution. Useful for assessment of infrastructure risk and cost of natural disasters.

MODIS provides continuous global coverage every one to two days, and collects data from 36 spectral bands. Resolution: 250-1000m. 1999  Wide range of different datasets.

Datasets in Norway

Norwegian Mapping Agency Open Data: Open data from the Norwegian Mapping Agency, including topographical maps, road networks, elevation data, place names etc.

An API with ready-made datasets from SSB

Floods datasets in Norway

Transport datasets

Norweigan Land Cover: Various datasets concerning land resources in Norway provided by the Norwegian Landscape and Forest Institute, including land type, forest, tree species and site index .

Open and free geospatial data from Norway

Geological Survey of Norway: Geological data for Norway

Norwegian Petroleum Directorate: Data on licensed extraction areas, wells, fields, pipelines and survey data


Related Websites, Datasets and Software

The Humanitarian Computing Library 


Crisis Commons 

Social Media for Good 

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) 


Sahana (Open and free system)

Ushahidi (Open and free system)

GeoNames (Geo-tagging software)

OpenStreetMap (Geographical information, important for gazeteers)

PyBossa (Crowdsourcing software)

GATE (Text processing)

 WEKA (Open-source data mining software in Java)

ArkNLP (Twitter specific Natural Language Processing)

HDX (Humanitarian Data eXchange, datasets of humanitarian variables by UN OCHA)

TREC Temporal Summarization Track (Corpus for social media update summarization)

Twitter Events Corpus  120 million tweets, with relevance judgments for over 500 events

Disaster Risk - Datasets

TREC Microblog Corpus (Corpus of social media messages)

TREC Temporal Summarization – crisis events from 2012 aligned with TREC KBA Corpus

CrisisLex (Corpora of disaster-related social media messages)

CredBank (Corpus for credibility research)

Google Person Finder

Google Crisis Map

Japan Radiation Map (derived from the SPEEDI data set)