Guest researcher students made presentations in BDEM Project Seminar

On 14 June 2018, two guest research students, Haoran Zhang (The University of Tokyo) and Thimothy  Schempp (San Diego State University), made presentations on their research in the BDEM Project Seminar. 

Haoran Zhang's research aims to understand what basic laws govern human behaviour and mobility following emergency events by mining big and heterogeneous data, to develop deep and powerful models for human emergency mobility prediction and simulation and implement intelligent system for next-generation urban emergency management. He also presented his work on convex optimization theory and optimization algorithm.

Thimothy Schempp presented his work on effectively visualize a dataset generated from an array of wildlife trapping cameras. The data included a timestamp, camera location, and the wild pig individual in that photo. He also presented his work on visualizing how different actors in the San Diego urban agriculture community communicate. He is utilizing natural language processing and dimensionality reduction techniques in his research.

The seminar was attended by researchers at Western Norway Research Institute.