Hong Kong researchers visit to Vestlandsforsking

Professor Song Guo of Hong Kong Polytechnic University visited the Big Data Research Group at Vestlandsforsking, Sogndal in June 2019. His research interests are mainly in the areas of big data, cloud computing and networking, and distributed systems with over 400 papers published in major conferences and journals. He is a project partner in the INTPART BDEM and is contributing to the project with his expertise in the areas of resource management for cloud computing and big data in emergency situations and response.

His PhD student Joey Lau has also visited under student mobility programme of BDEM project. He has spent three months in the Big Data Research Group at Vestlandsforsking to earn a research experience on real-time data processing in emergency management. He joined the Group in April 2019 and working on an Automatic Disaster Keyword Expansion (ADKE) framework based on real-time social media data with Dr. Minsung Hong and Professor Rajendra Akerkar. Our two research groups are expanding collaboration on design and development of a road safety framework that adapts to the evolving mobility environment, new types of vehicles and users based on integrated solution that utilises the sensing and communication capabilities of road users.