Join the first BDEM Hackathon!

Hacking disaster response coordination and communication related data with Machine Learning, Data Mining and  Natural Language Processing. Pizza and soft drinks will be served during group work.

  • When: Wednesday, 24 October 2018

  • Where:  VilVite, Thormøhlens gate 51, Conference room C

  • For who: Primarily ICT-students at UiB and HVL

  • Organisers: The BDEM project and University of Bergen

  • Contact Persons: Andreas Opdahl and Hemant Purohit

  • Registration deadline: 22 October 2018, 12:00 PM (limited to 40 participants)


1000-1030  Introduction, data sources and tools, team formation (plenary)
1030-1630  Group work, up to 4 people per group
1630-1700  Preparing demos and presentations
1700-1800  Presentations (plenary)
1800-1830  Awards, closing


  • Teams will be composed

  • Teams will be formed in the Team Formation time

  • Once the team is composed, the name, surname, email of the members must be sent via email to the mentors


  • Each group should produce running code that uses real datasets

  • Jury will evaluate your project by the demo of your system and presentation of the system design with result analyses

  • Whenever your code runs, capture a quick video. Then you have something to show even if the code “stops working” just before the deadline

  • You won’t have the time to present your detailed code, but simple diagrams (like a dataflow and/or class diagram) may be helpful, in particular to show what you have done on the backend side


There will be 3 prizes based on creativity and innovativeness of the proposed solution as well as quality of the presentation.

First prize: NOK 3000,-

Second prize: NOK 2000,-

Third prize: NOK 1500,-