The Big Data Research Team at Vestlandsforsking is hosting two international research students

The Big Data Research Team at Vestlandsforsking is hosting two research students from the University of Tokyo (Japan) and San Diego State University (USA) for two months as part of an ongoing collaborative research-education project funded by the Research Council of Norway (RCN) and the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SiU).

This visit which taking place in June-July 2018  is part of an ongoing project operating under the broad theme of “Big Data in Emergency Management (BDEM)”. The BDEM project, which commenced in April 2017, involves mobility programme which enables researchers at international partner institutions to establish and develop collaborations with the Big Data Team at Vestlandsforsking with the intention of transferring knowledge and research capabilities in big data in emergency management.

(From left to right) Timothy Schempp, Haoran Zhang and Minsung Hong at Sogndal Kai

(From left to right) Timothy Schempp, Haoran Zhang and Minsung Hong at Sogndal Kai


Timothy Schempp is studying Master of Science in Geography, with emphasis in Geographic Information Science. His degree expected to complete in Summer 2018. His research focuses on the conceptualization and scalable development of a web-based platform that encapsulates the tri-space approach in an exploratory data analysis environment to facilitate  inductive investigation of multitemporal imagery data. He aims at leveraging techniques from machine learning, dimensionality reduction, and visualization to extract insights from a collection of imagery data. During this two-month visit he will focus on applying his tri-space analysis interface to the domain of emergency management.

Haoran Zhang is a PhD student at Center for Spatial Information Science, The University of Tokyo. His main research focus is urban informatics and research theme is Data-Driven Scheduling Optimization for Emergency Evacuation and Relief Distribution. He is focusing on scheduling optimization, system design and trajectory data mining. He has published 12 SCI Papers, 3 patents and 1 book (chapter) on scheduling algorithm, risk identification and energy system optimization. His recent 9 papers are under review on the research topics of data driven emergency prediction, public health assessment and system reliability. During this two-month visit his research will be based on the prediction or simulation model, proposing optimization model for emergency evacuation and relief distribution scheduling.

Both guest researchers will be collaborating with Minsung Hong and the BDEM coordinator, Professor Rajendra Akerkar. Professor Andreas L. Opdahl of University of Bergen,  BDEM national partner, and his research team will also participate in the joint research activity. 

Our academic standing has been secured and enhanced over the years by a series of international links, visits, exchanges and partnerships. The BDEM project mobility represents the most recent of these and the institute is delighted to play host to such scholarly guests.